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Boho Sunset Artist Print

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Print is 8 X 10" Matte
Local artist Kari Griffith is a 31 year old mom and wife based in LA, originally from Detroit, MI.
She works full-time in reality TV and uses art as an escapism from a busy and often stressful life. She views art as a hobby more than a profession and first found her love to create through painting. She has more recently discovered an overwhelming joy and satisfaction in the simplicity and flow of continuous line drawings as well as abstract boho art.
There is beauty to be found in something so minimal yet unique and she believes it to be easy for anyone to appreciate and/or interpret. Kari is self-taught as she finds that to be the most authentic way to create and pulls inspiration from faces, places, and things she sees everyday via traveling, at work, at home, and on social media.